Unleash Creativity and Precision with Laser Technology at SierraTek

Our LS900 Laser Engraver is your gateway to a world of limitless possibilities. Designed for demanding engraving and cutting applications, this high-productivity CO2 laser cutter & engraver is the epitome of versatility.


Engraving Details


Versatile Large Format Laser Cutter & Engraver Our large format laser cutters excel at acrylic laser cutting and can effortlessly engrave and cut a wide range of materials, including wood, leather, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, rubber, marble, stone, granite, foam, and more. With its impressive capabilities, your creative projects are now bound only by your imagination.

High-Speed Precision The LS900XP laser engraver boasts brushless motors that reach speeds of up to 4 meters per second, offering unmatched efficiency for your projects. Choose between step motors or brushless motors to find the ideal laser engraving machine tailored to your specific needs.

Unparalleled Versatility With options like CO2 for organics and minerals, Fibre for metals, or the Edge, which combines Fibre and CO2 technologies, you have the freedom to mark and cut virtually anything. Elevate your creations with the Print & Cut feature, adding colors to your designs as standard. This makes the LS900 Laser Engraver the ideal machine, bringing your ideas to life like never before.

Industrial Power, Creative Freedom Our LS900 industrial laser engraver, available as CO2, Fibre, or Edge (dual sources), is perfect for high-speed marking and cutting of medium and large format media. It's not just limited to standard semi-full sheets (610 x 610mm). With its 250mm height z-axis, even bulky objects are easily engraved, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Discover the LS900 Laser Engraver – where precision, speed, and unlimited creative possibilities converge. Elevate your projects to new heights with SierraTek's cutting-edge technology.