SierraTek Testimonial – Tom and Nikki Lampe

SierraTek Testimonial – Tom and Nikki Lampe 

 Tom - 0429 921 959 


The Project 

The challenge we set for SierraTek was to help us modernise some key elements of our farming operations and the motivation for this was to reduce input costs including electricity and fuel. We wanted to upgrade and modernise our pump system. It had been problematic to use and being an old motor, it was inefficient. An electric motor was going to not only be significantly less expensive to operate, it would also reduce a lot of ‘man’ hours. Labour is such a precious resource so we are continually looking to use technology to bridge the gap we can often find around labour availability. Labour is not always available when you need it and this isn’t going to change any time soon. We’re a multi-disciplined farming operation and like everyone profit margins are tight, so we look to technology to plan our human resources more strategically to optimise efficiency. It’s allowed our staff to do ‘smarter’ work rather than be driving around checking pumps, fuel waterflow and the like.  

What did SierraTek Do;  

Sierratek redeveloped our irrigation system. Our generator that ran the centre pivots had an old diesel motor that would run the pump so we replaced this with an electric pump and put in a VSD that regulates the power to the electric motor.  

The Impact 

Some of our farms are quite a distance from our main property and home. With the technology SierraTek has put in place I can monitor each property and what’s happening from anywhere.  I save on time and I save on vehicle running costs and labour.  


For the young people coming through who are our next generation, they enjoying using this sort of technology, it engages them. It has allowed us to use our employees in more meaningful work. Like all of us, they like to be efficient and they feel frustrated when they can’t work efficiently. It helps them plan and avoid rework due to inefficiency and unnecessary or prolonged breakdowns..  


Do you feel the team at SierraTek were capable and suitable for the delivery of your project? 

Yes, most definitely. We’ve been really happy with the way SierraTek went about their work. They sought to understand the system I had, our multidisciplined farming operation and the pain points I was having. They then tailored a world class technology solution that was designed to meet my needs and opportunities. They really understand agriculture. We’ve all worked with service providers that over promise and under deliver. This wasn’t the case with SierraTek, in fact they over delivered.  


Did the SierraTek team listen to your needs and offer guidance, support to come up with the best solution or do you feel this was forced down a certain path? 

I asked for a stepped redevelopment of our farming systems so that we could plan and implement it in staged way. However, when I could see the benefits, I decided to do the whole lot in one go. 


It was tailored exactly to our needs. Once SierraTek delved into our farming systems, they identified other inefficiencies and offered solutions. I could see short and medium term fiscal returns that justified the investment to address these. I’m pleased we took this approached. Water is our most critical resource and must be managed with best management practices and SierraTek’s technology really helps us achieve this..  


Did they address all your requirements? 

Yes, my requirements were quite broad and they covered them all. They also identified weaknesses that we had that we were not aware of. They then offered education and alternatives for the future in a staged implementation manner.  


Are you happy with the final result? 

Yes, I’ve been very happy. Their approach and their solutions for my farming operations and systems have been excellent. It was everything from how they engaged, to the quality of their solutions, to how clean their work was right through to their back up support. They can see the our data in real time, so their support is well informed.  


How has the new installation changed the way you operate? 

With the new pump on mains power, I can now irrigate at night which has reduced my energy costs and evaporation. I am using less water than before. I can turn the system on and off efficiently and target optimal times and weather conditions much more easily.   


I am going to be able to see problems on the horizon because of the live data we are working with. We can be proactive with our maintenance that will prevent breakdowns and allow for continuity of farming operations  


Has the new installation improved your efficiency and if so how? 

Absolutely. Water, fuel, staff hours and you can work more proactively.  



Could you please quantify any savings to your operational costs?  

What are the major benefits that you see this new system will bring to your operations?  

See previous responses.  


Did the SierraTek team deliver on time and on budget for your project? 

Yes they did. There were no hidden surprises. Everything happened just as they planned it to.  


They are good to get along with and really nailed it. I think this is rare. Their staff are great and really engaged with what they do and what their customer is trying to achieve. Their project management was first class.  


Having complete control of your equipment and access to live data from wherever you are must give you increased confidence in your operations, can you see other areas in your business that would benefit from this technology? 

For sue, yes. I can see a place for improved data across all aspects of our business. From automation of machinery to driverless vehicles and machinery. I am going to have to reskill to continually adapt to this technology. Even with livestock farming and fencing, animal health and welfare, traceability, surveillance and security on your farms. Knowing who is on your farm and when, and not just from a security point of view but also biosecurity. 


Some of it won’t be viable yet, but as technology continues to advance, the link between technology and farming / agriculture will just keep improving. The ability to be able to customise the technology for our farming operations will see us continually be able to drive efficiencies and improvements in the way we use all of our resources. I feel that we are just at the beginning of what is possible.  


SierraTek have setup in the region to support the Agribusiness sector and offer technical solutions mainly to the primary industry living and working in the communities that they support, do you have any advice or comments on how SierraTek can better serve you as a valued customer and/or support the agribusiness sector in the region.  

I think a generalised newsletter on different technical products and systems, once or twice a year, perhaps like an info catalogue and the pain points they address. Water meters for instance, farm security. 


If you had to quote your experience working with the SierraTek team and how they delivered your project, how would you summarise this? 

A professional group with the ability to link your business with the best world class technology available. Their work is very well finished. A lot of time and effort has gone into their business and getting it right.  


Would you recommend SierraTek to other people, colleagues or industry peers? 

Yes, for sure and without hesitation.  


Please add in any other questions you feel may add to. the story or testimonial. 

SierraTek has so much to offer with bringing technological solutions to these sorts of problems now and into the future.