Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna

Industrial Electrician

Jack Hanna entered the electrical industry in 2012 and has been developing his skills constantly ever since, with an aim to provide realistic solutions to problems and produce the best quality work possible to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Jack is an active member of the team and brings a range of experience and idea’s to the table, he is currently completing his instrumentation cert IV and once completed hopes to continue with a diploma in electrical engineering.

Jack has had the opportunity to work across all sectors of the electrical industry from residential, commercial and industrial installations and has spent the last few years focusing on his experience with programming the Allen Bradly/Rockwell and Schneider PLC Platforms and will continue to develop his skills with SierraTek.

Jack is Passionate about:

  • Bringing automation and control and its future applications into rural and remote areas that have been deprived of this technology.

  • Developing safe working environments in automated systems with the use of adequate safety devices.