Cotton Ginning Solutions

Complete Cotton Ginning Solutions

SierraTek are confident that we can create the best control system and interface for your plant in the industry. We specialise in smart and innovative control systems for cotton ginning machinery. We have many years of high level electrical engineering and process control experience in the cotton ginning industry giving us great depth and knowledge and a unique advantage of what works well, and what does not.
Our methodical approach to control system design is centred around the operator experience. Our control systems are designed to provide as much information to the operator as possible, but in a smart and intuitive way.
As a high-level system integrator, virtually any source of data can be integrated into our control system. We always aim to integrate everything possible, so the operators can access the information and control the entire plant from a single location. Gone are the days where it is necessary to have a separate touch screen for all of the different systems within a gin.
Immediate benefits are realised through efficient plant operation and in-built plant diagnostics that aid in breakdown situations by pointing the operator and maintenance staff directly to the source of a fault, reducing downtime and boosting operational efficiency.
SierraTek's designs are based on years of industry experience improving the operational efficiencies of large corporate ginning companies. Through the use of cutting edge technologies, we have a proven record of drastically reducing downtime and increasing throughput, all while maintaining a high-quality product for the customer and end user.
Energy Efficiency
As trends in energy tariffs and costs continue to increase, we see more and more pressure on the importance of maximising energy efficiency to both reduce our impact on the environment and improve the bottom line and reduce operational costs for our customers.
SierraTek’s smart designs use a combination of cutting edge technologies and control solutions to reduce the energy input required to run your plant. Our previous electrical and control system designs have consistently driven massive savings on the electrical energy charges for our customers, with comparable reductions of up to 40%.
We can also assist your business with negotiating and managing your retail energy contracts to make sure you are getting the best deal on the market, further improving on cost savings.
Our in-depth knowledge of the highest global electrical and safety standards gives us the guidelines in which we strive to exceed with everything we do. Our experience in these areas is unparalleled, and we can provide a range of services from consulting and advising, to fully integrated safety system design and implementation.
We can assist with:
• Plant Wide Machine Safety and Guarding Audits
• New and Modified Machinery Risk Assessments
• Modifications and Additions to Existing Systems
    It is extremely important to consider the risks and liability associated with production facilities. As legislated industry standards continue to evolve, with SierraTek you can rest assured you and your staff are in safe hands.
    Our gin management software packages are industry leading, providing smart solutions on every level. Our programs are designed to fully integrate all available data from virtually any source to track and document the product all the way from picker to port.
    Our advanced reporting packages can provide automated and detailed shift reports to site management, empowering managers to make smart decisions on plant optimisation and help identify problem areas before they occur. Having this information at your fingertips gives a far greater level of situational awareness, which greatly improves production, operational efficiency, and ultimately the bottom line.
    Our reporting tool can also provide automated and detailed production reports for growers and customers. These reports are fully customisable to show any grower, picker, process data required. The reports can be used to build trust and show transparency to your customers, but also provide the evidence that your ginners are doing everything in their power to provide the best possible quality outcome for your customers.
    Our gin management software solutions can be fully customised to suit your requirements and is modular if only a part solution is required.
    We can provide a total solution for your ginning operation. Our specialists can design, install, set up, maintain and support all of the required IT infrastructure to run your operation. Total network support, on-premise and cloud based backups, process and general surveillance systems, cyber security measures, disaster recovery and 24hr support to ensure business continuity at all times providing peace of mind that your digital assets and data integrity are covered.
    New Facilities
    With SierraTek’s vast experience and proven deliverables in large scale design and project management, you can rest assured that your new Gin will employ the latest technology and safety systems to not only meet but exceed 
    Australian standards giving you confidence that your site is compliant for today and for the foreseeable future. 
    Our team can remove the headaches and look after the entire electrical installation, this includes but not limited to the following:
    • High Voltage design
    • Supply Authority approval process
    • Control System Design and installation
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Main Switchboard Design and installation
    • Full Electrical Design and Installation
    • Supply and Installation of all Electric Motors
    • Supply and Installation of all Sensors & Instrumentation
    • IT Systems Design and Network installation
    • Supply and Installation of Process & CCTV Cameras
    • Ongoing support
      In the highly competitive cotton ginning industry, having the advantage of reduced overheads and faster ginning times can be used as a massive marketing tool to further expand your business and be the envy of the industry. The team behind SierraTek have created real world examples of the most efficient and technologically advanced cotton gins in the world, and we are confident that we can deliver the same results time and time again.